Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some helpful questions and answers about data recovery and our service plan offering. Utilize our Contact Us feature if you can not find what you are looking for here.

Q:What does the Rescue Service Plan cover?

  • The Rescue Service Plan provides the Data Recovery Service ("DRS") feature for your device failure, viruses, software issues, and other problems that can cause data loss.
Please refer to the specific terms and conditions for details and exclusions for your coverage options.

Q:What does a data recovery typically cost?

In-Lab Data Recovery Services are needed when data is lost due to a device physical failure. Without a Rescue Service Plan, recovery fees start at $599 and can easily be over $2,000 based on your data loss circumstances.

Q:What is the coverage period of my service plan?

Coverage under this service plan begins on the purchase date of the service plan. The expiration date is determined by adding the number of months of the term selected to the date purchased. For example, if you selected a 2 year plan term:

Purchase Date of Service Plan: 2/12/2012
Plan Term: 24 Months
Effective Date of Plan: 2/12/2012
Expiration Date of Plan: 2/11/2014.
*Any repairs covered under the OEM warranty will NOT be covered under the service plan.

Q:Who should I contact if I need service or need to file a claim?

Once you sign up, you will receive a copy of the Service Plan terms and conditions which will include instructions on making a claim. You may call the Service Plan administrator at 1-800-672-1286 for US/Canada and refer to for all other countries. Our recovery specialists will walk you through the appropriate steps to file a claim.

Q:Can I cancel the plan at anytime?

Yes. If you cancel within 30 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price, less any claims processed. After 30 days, the refund amount will be prorated and reduced by any repair costs, and a 10% administrative fee will be applied (unless otherwise excluded by state law). Refer to the terms and conditions for details.

Q:How do I cancel my plan?

You can cancel by sending a letter to the Service Plan administrator at:
For US/Canada:
Rescue Service Plans
PO Box 451
Norwalk, CT 06852-0451

For outside US/Canada:
Rescue Service Plans
10200 De Anza Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

Or you can call the Service Plan administrator at 1-800-672-1286 for US/Canada and refer to for all other countries.

Or email: If you submit your cancellation request in writing, please be sure to include your contract number, date of cancellation, reason for cancellation and your signature.

Q:What happens if I sell or trade in my product?

Your Service Plan is transferable once during its lifetime. See the terms and conditions for transfer instructions.

Q:Can I transfer my plan from one unit to another?

This plan cannot be transferred to different units. Your service plan is tied to the serial number of the original covered device only..

Q:What can I expect when submitting a data recovery claim?

Our data recovery specialists will ask you for information about your drive failure and provide the information needed for you to send it in to the lab for recovery. Our recovery technician will perform.the recovery, place your data on the appropriate media and mail your recovered data back to you.

Q:How long will it take to recover my data or determine whether any data is recoverable?

Your data can be restored within two days or up to one month depending on the type of recovery.

Q:How do I check the status of my claim?

When you make a claim, you will be assigned a case number and instructions for access to 24/7 online case status tracking at

Q:Will my device be returned to me if I send it in for In-Lab Recovery?

No. We will not return your original device since it typically will be rendered inoperable as a result of the recovery attempt. However, we securely dispose of all customers' original devices.

Q:How will my data be returned to me from an In-Lab Recovery?

Your recovered data may either be loaded on a media storage device or into a cloud-based data storage location from which your recovered data will be available to you for sixty (60) days. If we elect to return your data via a cloud-based data storage location, You may request the data be returned on a physical media storage device, though some charges may apply for the cost of the storage device in this scenario. If we choose to return the data to you on a media storage device rather than in a cloud-based data storage location, then there will be no charge for the media storage device in this scenario.

Q:Is data always recoverable?

Unfortunately, no. We use commercially reasonable efforts to recover data through In-Lab servicing. In some cases, however, devices may be too badly damaged to recover all of the data. In cases where your data has not been recovered, We will provide an explanation as to why your data was not recoverable.

Q:How do I ship my device to the Administrator if In-Lab Recovery services are recommended?

In the U. S., Canada, and the EU, we will pay the shipping costs associated with shipping your equipment to the designated laboratory facility, as well as the cost of shipping any other data storage media containing data recovered from your original equipment back to you. In all other countries and regions, we may cover part or all of the related shipping costs; please contact the Administrator for more details when you return the product to the Administrator, you must use the packaging that is provided, original device packaging or packaging that provides an equal level of protection to prevent any further damage to the device. Please note that you will be responsible for any risk of loss of the device until it is received by the Administrator.

Q:What happens if my device requires In-Lab recovery services?

Once the Administrator lab location receives your device, the following steps will be taken:
  • Recovery Effort. Administrator representatives will attempt to recover Your lost data and files.
  • Return of Recovered Data. Your recovered data may either be loaded on a media storage device or into a cloud-based data storage location from which your recovered data will be available to you for sixty (60) days.
  • Data Unrecoverable. In some cases Your Equipment may have suffered significant damage and Your data may not be recoverable. If Your data is unrecoverable, You are free to consider other service providers at Your own expense. Once We have attempted to recover Your data In-Lab, Our obligation to provide one (1) In-Lab Data Recovery attempt is considered fulfilled.
  • Software Installation. You may need to reinstall Your software to Your Equipment. Installation of any software associated with Your Equipment is Your sole responsibility and is not covered under this Service Plan.